Conjugated linoleic acid is a group of linoleic acid (omega 6) isomers live synthesized, that are originated during the animal origin food processing (heating, precook, pasteurization) and they are naturally present in milk.

Numerous studies suggest that CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) helps to reduce weight, it exhibits a powerful antioxidant activity, it has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective capacities, it reduces the atheriosclerosis development, it improves the immune function and the bones mineralization.

The main CLA biologic actions are anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic and anti-diabetogenic (improving the sensibility to the insulin action). Although, most of its effects have only been tested in experimental studies with animals, CLA is recommended for the treatement of heart diseases; as well as improving the physical performance and reducing the fat levels. Thanks to its capacity of improving the sensibility to the insulin action to skeletal muscle level, optimizing the glucose and amino acids muscular fibre captation after the food intake.

Due to the apparent absence of side effects, dairy intakes between 2-12 g in three divided doses (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are recommended. However, the usual dosage is 1-2 g/day up to a maximum of 6 g.

Suitable for:

  • Weight loss: Fat burner, muscle protection.
  • Health and well-being: Antioxidants, fatty acids, vegetarian diet, inflammation and pain
  • Skelatal system: Bones

  • Presentation

    Can of 90 capsules.
    Can of 300 g.

    How to use

    Take from 2 to 4 pearls a day with a glass of water.