Clarou's Flapjacks are presented on 7 amazing flavours. They are bars of 95 grams, mainly energetic, which are suitable as meal replacements and recuperators after a workout or prolonged effort since its formulation includes, as a main ingredient, oat flakes.

Oat flakes, hydrocarbon nature, are an excellent source of fibre and protein, vitamins and minerals. Starch and fibre are the two major components of the hydrocarbon fraction.

Referring to the protein intake of oats, note that is of high biological value proteins (providing comparable to meat or fish complete proteins) providing 7 of the 9 essential amino acids, with a high value in methionine.

With regard to the contribution of carbohydrates with Flapjack bars, it is noteworthy that 52.2g is a good amount for a post-workout replenishment.

In addition to the above it is a product rich in vitamins and minerals, which include magnesium, iron and iodine. As regards the mineral and vitamin fraction it is highlighted, from the water-soluble, B1 (thiamine) and B6 (pyridoxine) and fat-soluble, vitamin K, thereby providing one more benefit to our Flapjack product.


24 bars per box.


  • Chocolate chips
  • Chocolate with Brazil nuts
  • Chocolate cake
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Strawberry and Cream
  • Apple jelly
  • Greek yogurt

How to use

Take one bar in response to the energy needs of each activity, as well as a meal replacement or as a prelude to exercise. Also after the workout to speed up the recovery process.