Carnitine is a compound that the body produces naturally from lysine and methionine (liver, kidneys, brain and testes, from where it is transported to other organs that can not synthesize it) and also part of some foods. However, daily intake of carnitine contributes only about 100-300 mg.

L-carnitine acts as a carrier of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be used as energy source. Thus, it increases the oxidation of fatty acids, increase energy levels available to the body and reduce the fatty body tissue, save muscle glycogen and, therefore improve athletic performance.

Its fundamental role is to maintain adequate fat oxidation, avoiding the accumulation of cytoplasmic acyl-CoA, which in turn inhibit the uptake of fat from the blood.

Thanks to the physiological action of L-carnitine, glycogen levels are more stable and lactic acid formation , muscle catabolism and ammonia production within cells, which can interfere with central nervous system (CNS) normal operation are attenuated.

This substance is used in slimming treatments because of its fat-burning effect because it increases the mobility of fatty acids from adipose tissue; It reduces levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood; improves insulin sensitivity; promotes sperm motility; It acts as an antioxidant protecting cells from oxidative damage; It increases the production of nitric oxide (NO) thereby increasing muscular power submaximal series of repeated training; improves cognitive capacity and cardiac function.

It has now been found that supplementation with 2g / day carnitine together with performing physical activity, increases by 21% the L-carnitine in the human body, therefore, more fat is burned and muscle glycogen is maintained, avoiding early fatigue (by decreasing production of lactic acid and thus stiffness), it increases oxygen uptake and energy production at the peak of intensity moment during the workout and promotes ammonia and urea detoxification, typical in high performance athletes.

These results are accentuated when carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are ingested into the immediate post-workout.


  • Weight Loss: Fat Burning, muscle protection
  • Improves workout: Combats fatigue
  • Man: Hormones and sexual health
  • Health and Wellness: Antioxidants
  • Circulatory system: Heart, circulation, cholesterol, blood pressure

  • Presentation

    Can of 90 capsules.

    How to use

    Take 2 capsules at breakfast and two before exercise.