Protein Pasta
Protein Pasta

Clarou's Protein Pasta is a food designed for both athletes and for people who have an active lifestyle. Protein Pasta is a pasta produced from soya isolate, wheat flour and egg white, which gives your body 29 g of complex carbohydrates per 100 g, when the regular pasta products or rice provide 60% or higher amount of carbohydrate.

Protein Pasta is a product designed for diets that have the goal of losing weight which should reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten throughout the day. In addition, we can also eat Protein Pasta if we seek to consume a greater amount of protein in the diet.

This pasta gives us more than 50% protein, which will facilitate the formation of muscle mass and on the other hand, also avoid the possible catabolism

It also has a low fat content, noting that 1g per 100g of product are saturated. Which means that a ration of about 50-60g has less than 2g of total fat, and about 0.5g of saturated fatty acids.

In short, Protein Pasta gives us the option of consuming any variety of pasta without having to worry about being ingesting excessive amounts of carbohydrates and maintaining proper protein and lipid profile.

Protein Pasta

Pasta con bajo aporte de hidratos de carbono

Average value per 100g of product
Energy value or Nutrient
371 kcal/1550,78 kJ
Total Fat
3,8 g
1 g
29,7 g
1,4 g
Food fibre
3,6 g
55 g
1,275 g


Bag of 250gr.

How to use

Cook in plenty of water for 10 min. Consume in your main meals to taste.