Clarou's Stevia is a sweetener of natural origin that provides sweetness without calories. It represents an alternative to sugar if you want to follow a balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle.

Stevia rebaudiana known as “Sweet Grass” is a native to the tropical regions of South and Central America plant. The leaves of Stevia rebaudiana are 20 times sweeter than sugar and extracts based on steviol glycosides, essential ingredient of this sweetener have 300 times the sweetness of sugar.

Clarou's Stevia sweetener allows you to sweeten coffee, drinks, desserts and sauces without adding calories, therefore it is ideal for weight control diets complement.

In addition to its sweetening properties, Stevia extract, rich in steviol glycosides, is suitable for diabetics because it does not increase blood glucose levels, and lets you take a diet low in carbohydrates.


Natural origin sweetener

Nutritional facts per dose 100 g
Energy value
0 Kcal / 0 Kj
Total Fats
0 g
0 g
97,6 g
0 g
0 g
0 g


Can 250 g.

How to use

1 teaspoon coffee equals 4 tablespoons sugar (24g).